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Log into Rent Cafe to pay rent, check your balance, or submit a maintenance request.

If you need additional assistance, please call Rent Cafe Customer Support at 855-736-8223.


The following are examples of emergencies where the
on-call maintenance staff should be contacted:

  1. No heat or air conditioning when apartment temperature is below 60° or above 80°.

  2. Loss of electricity.

  3. Overflowing toilet or sink.

  4. Stopped toilet or sink (if only one is available).

  5. Water problems (severe plumbing or ceiling leaks).

  6. Refrigerator malfunction.

  7. No hot water.

  8. Any unsecured entry or window.

  9. Electrical sparks.

Please use your best judgment. If your request fits the emergency criteria, call 515.290.3405 immediately.

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Note: Scheduled appointments will not be made: non-emergency maintenance requests will be addressed in the order they are received.


  • Regularly clear lint from the dryer vent to prevent issues.

  • Maintain proper load sizes - overloading the washer or dryer can cause damage to the machine.

  • Never shut off furnace in the winter.

  • Thermostat must be set at 60° or above in the winter, and 80° or below in the summer.

  • Reduce condensation during winter months by keeping blinds open to ensure proper airflow within the unit.

  • Make sure windows are completely closed and properly locked.

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